People like you appreciate natural things, and they appreciate natural wood. People like you come to Pioneer Log & Timber for the quality of work, materials, and the beautiful joinery we do, as well as the personal service we extend to each of our clients. We help them realize their dream and interpret that into a log or timber frame structure.

At Pioneer Log & Timber, we believe it does not take a long time to make a great log or timber frame home, but it does take a long time to learn how to make a home great. At our headquarters in Montana’s scenic Bitterroot Valley, our management team has over 250 years of combined experience in building log and timber frame structures. We build projects one at a time, and one log at a time, applying hand skills that we have perfected as masters. Nothing is hurried.

“A huge source of pride for us is to have some of the most talented craftsmen in America today. And you get a great deal of satisfaction when you build for a family and 30 years later they are still sending you a ‘Thank you’.” Jay Pohley

Our approach to joinery is first and foremost about being handcrafted. Every timber and every log is stripped, shaped, cut, chiseled, notched and fit by hand. There is no other way we’ve done it, and there just is no better way.

Another part of craftsmanship, for us specifically, is the use of naturally dried, dead-standing logs that were killed naturally (fire or beetle-kill) in American western forests. They have great structural integrity and are eco-friendly construction products because no live trees were harvested. We don’t like living with products that cause destruction to the environment, so we don’t build log or timber frame homes for others that do.

Our craftsmanship comes together in the details. It is one thing to peel straight logs or peel timbers so they are square, but it’s a giant step further to be able to create nuances and subtleties that make a log or timber frame house a home – that is a work of handcrafted art.

This includes the trusses, heavy timbers, entry gates, covered bridges, steel straps and plates, half-log treads on stairs, and one-of-kind character log pieces. Just reach out to us and let us show a few signature examples that we’re very proud of at Pioneer Log & Timber.

“Handcrafted houses are top of the line. They are works of art.” Rob Ridgway, 40-year log home expert

Pioneer Log & Timber CraftsmanPioneer Log & Timber CraftsmanPioneer Log & Timber CraftsmanPioneer Log & Timber Craftsman