Where to Start

Are you thinking about a log home, timber frame, commercial structure, rustic timber, log siding, or an outdoor feature? The experts at Pioneer Log & Timber are the place to start. We can outline the entire project for you, from finding an architect, letting us design for you, finding a builder, to how your log or timber project will be built, disassembled, delivered, and constructed on your homesite. Can you just imagine how it will make you feel to see it on your property?

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The Process at Pioneer Log & Timber
Our construction process comes from mastery of seeing the potential of every log and timber, and our skilled craftsmen live for it! They bring their experience and see every step as essential in helping us fulfill our mission: To build you the best log or timber product and use only reclaimed trees from our National Forests.

In more than 40 years, we have built a few thousand log and timber frame structures across the country. But that’s only the beginning. Before any home or structure goes on a truck to your construction site, it’s thoroughly reviewed and re-inspected to ensure our home constructs flawlessly on your site and stands up to the many tests of time.

What is important to know about Pioneer Log & Timber and our process is that we do not sell or design kits. We build custom log and timber frame homes. We build projects one at a time, and one log at a time, applying the hand skills we perfected over four decades. We know exactly how to meet your schedule and your budget, and no shortcuts are ever taken.

If you can put it on
paper, we can build itJay Pohley

Pioneer Log & Timber YardPioneer Log & Timber YardPioneer Log & Timber Yard

Once you or your architect approve final plans, we start choosing each log or timber that will be needed. Since we select and cut trees one at a time, we know the potential for every piece of wood in our yard. And if we don’t have the ideal log, we go find it.

Pioneer Log & Timber handcrafts every log and timber that is used in every project. It’s one of the hallmarks that sets us apart. We believe the only way to know the log’s true purpose in a home or building is to put hands on it and shape it every inch of the way. We fit the logs to match your home. We don’t fit your home to match a generic log.

Every home or structure is first built in our construction yard and then constructed again on your property. Every log is measured, and cut, and notched. Then it is fit, and carved, and fit again until it’s perfect. Through this process we build the entire log or timber frame structure in our yard first, all by hand. You are always welcome to visit our headquarters in Montana, or we can send pictures of your home as it takes its shape.

After it is built, it is dismantled and sent to your project site with the crew leader who built it and will oversee its reconstruction onsite with exact precision. Every timber and log is specially labeled so it will fit exactly like it did in our yard in Montana.