Why Us

Pioneer Log & Timber is committed. That’s the difference. Pioneer Log & Timber cares about the home you want and the trees used to build it. We care about the natural world in which we live and recreate.

How? We use only naturally dried, dead-standing timber killed by wildfire and insects in our U.S. National Forests. Sawyers hand select dead-standing dry logs that make ideal house logs and timbers. They cut these trees one at a time, by hand, and bring them to us if they meet our high standards.

These trees are not common, and no one is more selective than Pioneer Log & Timber. In fact, we have saved years’ worth of inventory of these logs. These trees are unique because they grew slowly, straight and true, with small, tight knots and tight growth rings, and they dried slowly, clear to the heart, and uniformly.

It’s a firm commitment to nature − we tread lightly in the forest with no large equipment tearing up the forest floor and pushing over green trees for harvesting. We do all we can to make the world a better place for the forests, water, and air.

Forest Fire
Dry standing timber
Dry Standing Timber

The Pioneer Log & Timber Difference
We have built thousands of log and timber frame structures − including resorts like Big Cedar Lodge near Branson, MO, and Elk Creek Ranch in Colorado. We created the log timbers for Bass Pro Shops in the United States, and in Canada − and each one has been completely different. Each commercial and residential structure has been a project of creativity, commitment, and dedication that was born from getting to know its future inhabitant. Working with you, your architect, or builder, we bring our expertise in logs and timbers’ natural beauty to make every vision a reality.

That’s a choice Pioneer Log & Timber, an American company, is proud to make. Being headquartered in Montana, it’s one of our goals to make the forests sustainable. The same old logging and harvesting techniques aren’t good enough today. Those widespread legacies of environmental damage are proof of that. We have tougher environmental standards in American forests than they do in Canada and other places. We’ve always believed in using American timber, with American craftsmen to craft and build the best log and timber homes on the planet.

After we have selected the right logs − one at a time − for your home, we move on to handcrafting each one so they fit perfectly.

“You cannot replicate the influence of handcraftsmanship when it comes to logs and timbers. No machine can do what experienced hands can create. It may be an age where computers can think faster than us, but they haven’t been able to create better art than we can.”Jay Pohley, Founder

Jay Pohley

Pioneer Log & Timber really begins with Jay Pohley, Founder and Visionary. Jay grew up around the logging and timber industry in the Sierras. He moved to Montana in the 70s to graduate from the University of Montana in Forestry and take a position as a log crafter with Alpine Log Homes, which was the first “Standard of Excellence” for the modern log home industry.


It was here that Jay learned the difference in a quality handcrafted log home. He quickly realized the advantages of handcrafting as compared to mass-produced, machine-milled logs that all looked alike and were rapidly growing in popularity across the country.

Jay didn’t care for the bland look of machine-milled log homes so he dedicated his new company, Pioneer Log & Timber, to producing only the best in hand craftsmanship with the finest naturally dry, dead-standing timber as the sole source of house logs and timbers.

You see, Jay believes in the old ways, and he simply made the effort to hold Pioneer Log & Timber to old values and traditions. Jay’s a mountain biker, and he has spent much of his off time in forests across the West where he saw the harm others were doing He wanted no part of that. More than 40 years after Pioneer Log & Timber, the American company, first appeared, we continue to make, quite simply, the best product. We’ve never lost our way.

You simply won’t find a better log or timber product anywhere.